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Free Yourself from the Past

Unlock Acceptance, Appreciation and Authenticity for Greater Success

As an expert in storytelling and human behavior, I help professionals defuse their hidden emotional triggers and rewrite the stories they tell themselves to free themselves from self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and move into acceptance, appreciation and authenticity.

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My Story

I’ve spent the past 30 years shaping and sharing stories for government agencies and corporations with international, national and local media, as well as with financial and industry analysts and other influencers. These stories landed customers, enhanced stock prices, garnered cooperation from partners, and celebrated and guided employees. It was fun! Until it wasn’t. Until I gave so much, I had no energy left to give anyone – ever the overachiever, I burned out not just once, but twice.

I was a stellar performer, but felt I was often overlooked, unheard and could resolve issues BEFORE they became huge problems, if I had a seat at the table.

After focusing on everything outside of me, I went INSIDE, where I found unresolved triggers caused by unacknowledged hurts drove my behavior.  I worked on healing those hurts and triggers. Then I trained in the methods that worked so I could share them with others. 

We all have hidden hurts and triggers, but most of us don’t realize it. Imagine a world where we all have healed our unacknowledged hurts and hidden triggers.  Everything would be so much more enjoyable and everything could happen with greater ease.  

I created What If Transformation, LLC to unleash the power of the individual leader inside of government organizations and corporations.  It all starts with one person -- will it be you?

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What Clients Have Said

RTT was a tremendous experience for me. It was more effective than years of cognitive behavioral therapy. It opened my eyes to crux of the issue — when it came out of my mouth. The recording especially was powerful and helpful. I still listen to it during times of distress to remind me of the lessons I learned. I already recommended this to a few friends, one who already took advantage and others who are planning to do so. It is hard to put into words how powerful this experience was for me.
Without Nancy Harrity however, I don’t think the experience would have been quite so powerful. She really took the time to get to the root and get me to “admit” to myself truths and to minimize the destructive programming that my brain had for many years. She’s a consummate professional through the whole process. She made me feel comfortable and it was clear that she was very knowledgeable about RTT and all its ins and outs. I personally would not want to do RTT if it wasn’t for Nancy and have recommended her multiple times. I know I will continue on my RTT journey to continue re-programming some information in my mind that simply isn’t correct and needs to be corrected. I will be doing this with Nancy, and soon!

Maja Stevanovich

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